I dare you to look at this gif without wanting to kiss the shit out of Mr Clifford


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@5SOS: 😛

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It’s the 3rd week of school and I’m already behind I’m so stressed out I wanna cry😭😭😭 -meg

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5SOS at Z100

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guys i’ve searched for a crystal pendant for like ages and found one in h&m and I’m so in love with it

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Anonymous: So you know where the boys get their plaid shirts?

Mostly from topman and urban outfitters!

Ill make an updated masterpost tonight!!

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Anonymous: I have school I.D pictures tomorrow, I was wondering if you could do a Luke and Ashton inspired one ? I got to a catholic school so i can't show shoulders aha


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if u have good cheekbones aND good eyebrows fuck u

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Thank you for helping me! Actually Turin is in Italy haha I drove 4 hours to go there but it was totally worth it :-)

Not sure whether michaels shoes are champions or nikeys?? But Luke’s wearing cons and cal has vans and I think Ashton’s boots are from top man! All their pants are from either topman,urban outfitters or h&m (very hard to tell but most likely H&M) I still can’t find Ashton’s shirt sorry! But I’ll post it when I do. Calums shirt is a Christian Benner custom ( or @christianbenner for ig) and his shorts are Adidas?? Luke’s shirt is POSSIBLY from topman or AA, and Michael’s shirt is vintage! I’ll find them soon if they have links and post them!!(:
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Anonymous: Could you please do an inspired jewelry master post? So sorry if you've already done this! Thank you so much!

Actually no one has it!! Thank you! I did Luke and michaels, my co owner Riley is doing Ash and Cal’s so she can get the hang of it(:

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This is just another 5SOS Style blog. We'll try to help you as much as we can, just request straight away!

my name's georgia rachel. im 17 . how do i pick a favourite?

im Megan (17) , i have a soft spot for calum.

I'm Riley, 16, and I adore Luke.

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