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Anonymous: Tips for snapchatting cute boys?


snapchat them the same way you’d snapchat anyone else ?? (mayb dont pull ur triple chin out but just act normal)

- question & answer: im very bored, ask me questions or talk to me, do anything

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My tumblr app is being ridiculous..it’s had the same feed as Friday..PLS stop tumblr


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Long way home live / Chicago 8.30.14

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5SOS performing Long Way Home live for the first time 

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What happens when…

can u seriously not

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Methods of telling time periods by 5sos


  • calum’s tattoos
  • michael’s hair color
  • ashton’s hair length
  • and luke just never does anything, so if it’s just a picture of him, have fun trying to figure that shit out. 

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He’s so beautiful I’m dead bye

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This is just another 5SOS Style blog. We'll try to help you as much as we can, just request straight away!

my name's georgia rachel. im 17 . how do i pick a favourite?

im Megan (17) , i have a soft spot for calum.

I'm Riley, 16, and I adore Luke.

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